• FA United 2014
  • Live concert footage from Furthemore 2014 in Baltimore, MD. The year’s live show, “The Copper Revolution”, opens with us encountering an anomaly that throws us into the atmosphere of a nearby planet.

    Footage, lighting, keyboard, and beers provided by the Furthemore staff. Runtt is playing drums provided by Teddy Wynton

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    Shirts are BACK baby, and they’re available right now at the Matthew Ebel Store. More designs are in the works, but if you’d like to design a shirt for Matthew Ebel, drop him a line via email!

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  • Our complete concert from Anthrocon 2013. 90 minutes of piano rock and dancing fuzzy things!


Come See Me at FA United!

FA United 2014

Set a course for… (Dramatic music…) NEW JERSEY!

That’s right, I’m returning to the Garden State for another year at FA United as both a performer and charity auctioneer. This time, however, I’ll be on stage with both guests of honor Fox Amoore and Colson. Three musicians, one stage. Hopefully more than one microphone.

Fox is Scottish, but we won’t hold that against him. He’s also an accomplished composer, orchestral arranger, and pianist. His recent crowd-funding campaign for the album Come Find Me raised three times the goal… enough not just to record at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, but to hire a real orchestra for the recording.

Colson has been making waves with his clean-voiced pop sound. Also a composer and guitarist, he’s been making the furries dance for years now. He’s not Scottish, but he is an otter. We won’t hold that against him either.

All three of us will be on stage jamming on each other’s tunes for at least an hour, raising funds for the NJSPCA. That’s right, if you come to our show, you’re literally saving puppies.

Grab your membership for FA:U now at www.fauinted.org

FA United 2014

The Economics of Pooping On Your Friends

We all do it.

Something pisses us off and we need to tell the world- or at least our Twitter followers. The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions is called catharsis and it’s a necessary mental function. Just like pooping is a necessary biological function. Bitching about something is like letting your brain poop.

Why would you want to poop all over your friends? Or, worse still, poop so that the eyes of the public can witness the spectacle?

None of us want to do that. Well, okay, 99.9% of us don’t want to do that, the remainder are probably banned from my comment feed. So why are we so keen to bitch about our lives on Twitter, Facebook, the Tumblers, etc.?

Why is it that some people only seem to use social media as a means of dumping their emotional waste on the rest of us?

The 7 Habits of Not Pooping On Your Friends

Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People introduced the concept of the Emotional Bank Account: When you invest good vibes in people, you build up the ability to make withdrawals when you need them. If you’re constantly overdrafting, well… eventually your banks (read: friends) will start refusing your business.

I’m a musician, so financial analogies make me anxious and frightened. Back to the poop.

When you need to complain- and again, we all need to answer that call from time to time -that emotional waste has to go somewhere. If you can find your catharsis from a private stall like a pen-and-paper journal or talking to a pet, good on you. Most of us have to look for a sympathetic ear like a porta-john at a carnival when the urgent need arises. (Continue reading The Economics of Pooping On Your Friends…) ☛