• Kickstarter Party at Tiny Ninja Cafe

    I’m playing my FIRST CONCERT IN SEATTLE! Right up the street from Gasworks park is a little joint called Tiny Ninja Cafe. How awesome is that? Since I’ll be two weeks into the Kickstarter project for my new album, High Orbit Saves The Pandas, there’s NO COVER CHARGE.

    Just show up, have a good time, and pre-order the new album while you’re there!

    More details can be found at www.tinyninjacafe.com

  • Kickstarter Kickoff at the Riverwalk

    Come help me jump-start my Kickstarter campaign at Nashua’s finest coffee, beer, wine, and food depot! We’re not asking for a cover charge, just asking people to pre-order the upcoming album, “High Orbit Saves The Pandas” on Kickstarter while they’re listening to us play!

    More info is at http://www.riverwalknashua.com/matthew-ebel-kickstarter-launch-party

  • High Orbit Kickstarts The Pandas, Starting September 1 2014
  • Live concert footage from Furthemore 2014 in Baltimore, MD. The year’s live show, “The Copper Revolution”, opens with us encountering an anomaly that throws us into the atmosphere of a nearby planet.

    Footage, lighting, keyboard, and beers provided by the Furthemore staff. Runtt is playing drums provided by Teddy Wynton

  • feature-shirts-osprey

    Shirts are BACK baby, and they’re available right now at the Matthew Ebel Store. More designs are in the works, but if you’d like to design a shirt for Matthew Ebel, drop him a line via email!


Live Concert Footage from FA:United 2014

Flanked by talented songwriters Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote, we spent well over an hour playing each others tunes, auctioning off our saliva for charity, making a toy cat piano sing like the Beatles, and raising money for the NJSPCA. It was one of the best times I’ve had on stage in a long time, probably due to the complete LACK of preparation that went into it.

The original idea was a writer’s-night-style performance where all of us picked some songs and learned each others’ tunes. But then one of the convention’s Guests of Honor backed out less than two weeks before showtime, leaving us to scramble for a new direction. The con named Pepper as its new GoH, and I guess we did the only thing we all knew how to do: have fun.

The audio quality at the beginning is pretty terrible, but they got their live stream settings sorted out after a few minutes. Enjoy!

Matthew Ebel’s Laws of Touring: The Drive

I’ve played concerts all over the USA and there’s one constant that most touring musicians already know: People don’t know how to drive. Seattle drivers are maniacs, Boston drivers are assholes, Nashville drivers are NASCAR wanna-be’s, and Ohio drivers are most likely taking a power nap behind the wheel. Everywhere else, the drivers are an alarming cocktail of the above.

After putting thousands of miles of pavement behind me, I’ve developed what I call Ebel’s Laws as a strategy for surviving the road. Thus far I’ve been able to get The Birdmobile and all of my gear to the venue safely, no matter what time zone I’m in.

  1. Choose your lanes wisely on the interstate. I’ve got different approaches for this depending on traffic volume and road size, but there are a few points to remember:
    • Stay out of the left lane when possible. Leave the Hammer lane for the douchebags that are going 80 in a 55. LET THEM FIND THE SPEED TRAPS FOR YOU.
    • Stay out of the right lane when possible. If you’ve got 3 or more lanes, avoid the Granny lane; that’s where EVERYONE will be merging and exiting, not to mention the disabled vehicles, deer, and other obstacles. I try to stay as far left as I can without getting into the fast lane.
    • Thick traffic? Get as far left as you can and become a blocker. I learned this while heading up I-5 from Oregon back into Washington many years ago. If you’re in it for the long haul and the interstate’s packed (and the left lane’s not closed for construction), stay in the lane that ain’t exiting. You’ll see impatient people jumping into holes made in the right lane, trying to zoom ahead. Those people are idiots. Every time this has happened to me, I’ve watched them try to get ahead, find out that the left lane is moving faster anyway, and try and get back in again. Your job is to not let them back in front of you if possible. When the traffic’s packed, the only way to get ahead is to let the idiots work their way to the back of the line.
  2. Use the outside edge of the curves. If you remember the movie “Speed”, Keanu said it best: Make the turn wider. Sharp curves + heavy van = potential catastrophe. Or at the very least it means having to kill your cruise control because you don’t understand physics.
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