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  • Fundraising Has Begun!

    Here we go, faithful crew and members of the Robot Army. It’s time for you to step up and make something awesome happen! The new album, High Orbit Saves The Pandas needs your help! If you are a fan of my music or loved my old podcast, High Orbit, you’ve now got the chance to keep both of them alive.

    High Orbit Saves The Pandas isn’t just another album, it’s a full-length outer space adventure featuring all-new original piano rock from yours truly. There’s comedy, plot holes, Prodo-2 is both an idiot and a genius at the same time, and I both cause and prevent a global catastrophe. We poke fun at Star Trek, J. J. Abrams, the state of California, and of course… the Giant Panda.

    How YOU Can Help

    1. Go RIGHT NOW to our Kickstarter page at www.matthewebel.com/savethepandas
    2. Pitch in anywhere from $1 to a million dollars.
    3. SHARE that link via Twitter, Facebook, FA, Google+, email, carrier pigeon, etc.
    4. Show up at one of three Kickstarter Parties scheduled for September. One’s in Nashua, one’s in Seattle, and the final hurrah is a live stream right here at www.matthewebel.com!
    5. Repeat as necessary.

    Help Us Save The Pandas!

    (Oh yeah… If you’re wondering why I shaved my eyebrows and dropped 58 cards in front of Nashua’s Riverwalk, here’s Amanda Palmer’s original video:)

  • Live concert footage from Furthemore 2014 in Baltimore, MD. The year’s live show, “The Copper Revolution”, opens with us encountering an anomaly that throws us into the atmosphere of a nearby planet.

    Footage, lighting, keyboard, and beers provided by the Furthemore staff. Runtt is playing drums provided by Teddy Wynton

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    Shirts are BACK baby, and they’re available right now at the Matthew Ebel Store. More designs are in the works, but if you’d like to design a shirt for Matthew Ebel, drop him a line via email!

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Oktoberbash 2014 Is On


If you’re a Matthew Ebel Officer or Entourage member, you’re invited to party with me in Boston!

The sixth annual Beer Bash is happening, this time with an Oktoberfest theme. That’s right, we made 10 gallons of Oktoberfest-style ale, a ton of pretzels, and we’ll be making beer brats in a way most of you have never tried before (sous vide).

And you’re encouraged to bring your own beer/foods if you want!

This is indeed an all-ages event, but obviously the beer is only available for those 21 and older. More details are available on the signup page, so check it out ASAP. I need to know if you’re coming so I know how much food to buy!

If you’re not already an Officer or Entourage member, sign up today at www.matthewebel.com/ziibra and I’ll send you the official invite.

Or, if you already got your invite, click here to register:
Oktoberbash 2014

Slap Me On Vinyl And Call Me Captain

Live at Tiny Ninja Café

I had an awesome time in Seattle last Friday night! Tiny Ninja Café (now called the Stone Way Café, apparently) is a beautiful place with the most amazing backdrop I’ve ever performed in front of. The people that filled the Café were a hell of a lot of fun to play for, and now some of them are backing High Orbit Saves The Pandas!

In fact, they backed the project so heavily that we made it to Phase Four!

That’s right, we’re pressing 7″ singles once we have the whole works mastered. I can’t tell you how excited this makes me, but I will try. I am very excited. There. I mean, it’s a whole new medium with a whole new sound. Along with the fact that this adventure will be produced in a far, far more professional manner than any album I’ve done previously, now I get to hear what these songs sound like in rich turntable quality. For a creator, there are few joys like seeing your works go places you’ve never gone before.

If we make it to Phase Five, we’re filling an entire 44-minute LP. But we’re only going to make it there if you help spread the word and kick this album in the ass! So please point your friends to www.matthewebel.com/savethepandas and let’s see if we can put the whole adventure on a big, big disc!