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    Here we go, faithful crew and members of the Robot Army. It’s time for you to step up and make something awesome happen! The new album, High Orbit Saves The Pandas needs your help! If you are a fan of my music or loved my old podcast, High Orbit, you’ve now got the chance to keep both of them alive.

    High Orbit Saves The Pandas isn’t just another album, it’s a full-length outer space adventure featuring all-new original piano rock from yours truly. There’s comedy, plot holes, Prodo-2 is both an idiot and a genius at the same time, and I both cause and prevent a global catastrophe. We poke fun at Star Trek, J. J. Abrams, the state of California, and of course… the Giant Panda.

    How YOU Can Help

    1. Go RIGHT NOW to our Kickstarter page at www.matthewebel.com/savethepandas
    2. Pitch in anywhere from $1 to a million dollars.
    3. SHARE that link via Twitter, Facebook, FA, Google+, email, carrier pigeon, etc.
    4. Show up at one of three Kickstarter Parties scheduled for September. One’s in Nashua, one’s in Seattle, and the final hurrah is a live stream right here at www.matthewebel.com!
    5. Repeat as necessary.

    Help Us Save The Pandas!

    (Oh yeah… If you’re wondering why I shaved my eyebrows and dropped 58 cards in front of Nashua’s Riverwalk, here’s Amanda Palmer’s original video:)

  • Live concert footage from Furthemore 2014 in Baltimore, MD. The year’s live show, “The Copper Revolution”, opens with us encountering an anomaly that throws us into the atmosphere of a nearby planet.

    Footage, lighting, keyboard, and beers provided by the Furthemore staff. Runtt is playing drums provided by Teddy Wynton

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    Shirts are BACK baby, and they’re available right now at the Matthew Ebel Store. More designs are in the works, but if you’d like to design a shirt for Matthew Ebel, drop him a line via email!

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It’s Slacker-Backer Time!


So if you hadn’t noticed, we made it to about 300% of our initial goal on Kickstarter! But now what? Well, until we get all the goodies assembled we can still take backers who may have missed the month-long campaign. The Kickstartering (that’s a word, dammit) may be over, but thanks to the miracle of the internet, Paypal, and Amazon Payments, you can still get your hands on exclusive pre-order goodies like:

  • The PDF and hardcover Art Book (you like the image of the ship I’ve got here? You could own that.)
  • Limited edition T-Shirts with your name on them
  • Autographed CD’s
  • Autographed vinyl LP’s
  • J.J. Abrams: The Home Game
  • And more!

Pre-Order The Album Here ☞

Are we shooting for any more of the original Kickstarter goals like animated videos? No. At this point we just want to make an awesome record. But one of the goals I really didn’t include in the Kickstarter campaign was a Double LP release. You see, the entire adventure plus music is about 70-75 minutes, but a single vinyl LP is only 22 minutes per side.

If we can raise enough extra funds from pre-orders, we won’t have to cut out nearly half of the album from the vinyl release. How cool is that? It may seem odd that you’re mostly supporting the necessity of getting up from the couch to flip a record over three times, but it’ll be soooooo worth it, I assure you.

Pre-Order The Album Here ☞


Two Days at Mad Oak

The Lonely Headphones

So the last two days have been something amazing. My powers of articulation fail me, so I’ll just read the transcript of the little man upstairs in my head that’s been doing cartwheels for 48 hours.


Actually, it goes on like that for twelve pages. And that was just the first day. I’ll spare you the rest, but there’s a few “FRESH POTTTTTTSSSSS!” in there as well.

The Recording Experience

Air Drums, Meet Real Drums

After deconstructing the demos, we started with the drums. Like I said in my Phase Two video, the drums are the bedrock upon which all good rock is founded. Watching Runtt work his ass off surrounded by that much hardware was an awesome sight to behold. I mean, I play live shows next to this guy, but he’s a force to be reckoned with when he knows the red light’s on.

We were fortunate enough to be joined by some of our higher-tier backers as well. I’m glad that Runtt and I have had plenty of experience performing in front of close audiences and even closer lenses, ’cause Mad Oak Studio is pretty tight quarters. Still, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (and the beer, and the amazing coffee roasted by one of the studio’s co-owners).

The Space Pirate Crew at Mad Oak

My favorite moment was hearing Benny, the engineer AND a touring drummer, compliment the hell out of Runtt. He seemed pretty impressed, and this guy’s worked with Ben Folds, The Dresden Dolls, Aerosmith, Weird Al, and a parade of Boston-area hardcore rock bands.

Benny Grotto Listening On day two we took the bass and guitar parts provided by Matt Pompei and Rosco (friends of mine) and let Benny handle the reamping. That’s your musical term for the day: Reamping. When you take a guitar, bass, or whatever and record a take with NO effects on it, you end up with a super-clean, direct-input sound. Then you take that clean recording into the studio, send the signal out through an amp or effects pedals or whatever, and record THAT output with a microphone.

The result is the same as if the guitarist were playing directly through that amp, but it lets you fiddle around with amp and effect settings AFTER the guitarist has given you the best performance they can. Imagine if your bassist gave you an amazing performance, only to find out later that the fuzz pedal they were using was too noisy. Hence, reamping.

Until day two, all I’d heard were my fake-ass software amp simulations in Logic. Toys like the vintage Vox amp and original Russian Big Muff bass pedal that Benny provided, however, turned an adequate idea into enormous reality. (…holyshitholyshitholyshitWOOHOOOOholyshit…)

Also, these awesome photos were taken by Earl Madness, some of which will be a part of the Art Book. Which you can still pre-order at www.matthewebel.com/savethepandas!

Turn The Bass Up