I Was Quoted in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone February 2011

Article: Inside Pandora's Digital Kingdom

Welcome, Rolling Stone readers and Pandora fans! In case you haven’t caught the Feb. 17 issue yet, RS ran an article on “Pandora’s Digital Kingdom”, all about the cutting-edge internet radio service that’s been making me happy for years now.

“Pandora is the first true music meritocracy,” says independent musician Matthew Ebel (an artist likely to pop up on a Ben Folds Five station). “The fact that there is no fat guy in a ponytail and suit in Chicago determining what 20 songs they are going to play is a huge thing.”

Rolling Stone

Now I know I should be super-excited about my name appearing in Rolling Stone- even if only in a brief line like that. And believe me, I am. I went out and picked up this issue before getting my morning coffee, if that gives you an idea of how jazzed up I am about it. In this day and age of new media (especially when a guy like me has championed podcasting, blogging, and the like for five years now), should I really be that thrilled over getting a tiny blurb in an old-school print mag? I don’t care, I’m pretty hamn dappy about it.

Truth be told, however, I was more excited to wake up and find a tweet from C.C. Chapman about finding the quote. Having my name printed once in four columns of text in an industry mag is one thing, but having someone with an alarmingly large retweet community mention it? That is far more relevant.

In any case, I encourage you to read the article. My involvement may be small, but the article really nails the direction I think music is heading. One of these days I’d like to meet Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora Radio, and shake his hand. If you want to read the full story, though, you’ll have to buy the issue or subscribe to Rolling Stone online, sadly- they don’t give this stuff away for free.

Update: I go into a bit more detail about Pandora itself here.

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  • Pandora’s system is a “meritocracy” IF your music is accepted and put into the system (mine did not make first go around – for the record I’m not bitter). But I ultimately, think it may be possible to force their hand if I create a legion of fan asking for them to include my stuff. So maybe I don’t have a point and I am just thinking out loud again. 🙂

    Either way, congrats. Next stop…the cover!

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