Matthew Ebel Named “Artist On The Verge”

New Music Seminar

The New Music Seminar has named Matthew Ebel one of the top 100 “Artists on the Verge”. Their list is compiled based on analytics both online and traditional, including music sales (physical and digital), ticket sales, frequency of gigs, touring history, merchandise sales, media (both online and print), social media activity, online buzz and more.

Unlike a lot of “Top” lists, the Artist on the Verge Project is a closed process and solicitations are never accepted or considered. It’s NOT an open contest for artists to submit their music and NMS does not charge artists to enter or to be selected. Even being considered for this list is strictly invite-only.

To quote the NMS website:

The New Music Seminar recognizes these 100 Artists On the Verge as the strongest among the hundreds of thousands of artists in the field

You can see the entire Top 100 list here.

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