Ask Not What Your Artist Can Do For You?

I’ve discovered that there are two factors that motivate The Powers That Be (otherwise known as the Us from my Manifesto): Eyeballs and Influence. You, my awesome fans, matter only insomuch as either how many of you are out there or how much you’ll do when I ask you. You’re either a valuable demographic or an eager volunteer.

If you want me to become famous and tour the planet, you need to help me prove myself to the Big Industry Players. At least, that’s the way they want it to work. If you ever want to see me on a big stage with sparklers and moving lights, I have to show The Powers That Be that I can mobilize you like… well, like a Robot Army.

Would you do that for me? If I asked you not just to share my music but to get five or ten of your friends to join my mailing list, would you make it your mission? If I book a show 50 miles from your house, would you pack the car with friends and road-trip out to the concert? Those are the kinds of things The Powers That Be want to see; I must be able to command you like the President deploying the 101st.

Fuck that.

Again, as I said in my Manifesto, you are not just a listener drone. I don’t empower you, You empower me. I am neither your commander-in-chief nor your boss nor your mom. All I’ve done to deserve your support is show You support when you use your voice.

Do I need more fans? Of course I do. Would “being noticed” by the Big Industry Players help me get on stage in your town? Very likely. I won’t pretend that an active crowd of Matthew Ebel fans wouldn’t propel me into a new echelon of rock stardom. I’m just not going to pretend I’m your leader, even if I call myself General Ebel from time to time.

If you need a mission, there are always a few over at But I’m proud to say that my fans are not mindless followers. You are creative, you are proactive, and you mobilize me.

All I ask is that you influence others as much as you’ve influenced this lone piano-rocker.

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