Thank You, Member #269

One of my Matthew Ebel dot net members canceled their subscription yesterday, forever. My system knew her as Member #269, but I knew her by name. Normally this isn’t worth a blog entry; it happens every month. Some of my loyal superfans hit rough economic bumps and just can’t stay on board.

After her subscription was canceled I sent an email saying I was sad to see her go. The reply email came from her daughter:


This is the subscriber’s daughter. [Member #269] passed away on Wednesday, May 18, hence the reason for the cancellation.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Believe me, I understand. I would hate to meet an artist who wouldn’t understand.

This was a woman who had been one of my subscribers for a full year now. She, like many of my fans, decided to take a chance on a new way of supporting an indie musician that she liked and actually stuck with it throughout a year of unexpected changes and developments. Though times have been tough, she helped keep me fed and creative for twelve solid months.

In this age with a drowning music industry struggling for air, she had enough faith in my creativity to become part of something truly revolutionary. She also produced her own weekly podcast, furthering the cause with her own talents. In a world where so few people are willing to risk anything for new music or entertainment, she put her money and time on the line as both a supporter and a creator.

Exactly the kind of fan that makes me proud to be an artist.

I don’t know the circumstances of her passing, all I know is that she, like my remaining superfans, made my art possible. I salute you, Member #269, and you will always have an All-Access pass to my heart.

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