The 2011 VIP Beer Bash is ON

Matthew Ebel Third Annual VIP BEER BASH

Tickets for the 2011 VIP Beer Bash on September 17, 2011 are now available! Every year, the Matthew Ebel dot net VIP’s gather at my studio for a day of fun, relaxation, a brewery tour, and a sampling of the ale that I make myself. This year, though, there are some extra incentives to join the party.

  • Special guests will include Genesis Whitmore, Runtt, and my parents. Yes, seriously, my parents will be there.
  • This year’s VIP Beer Bash will also double as the official release party for The Lives of Dexter Peterson.
  • The annual Town Hall Meeting will decide what happens in the next 12 months for Matthew Ebel dot net subscribers.

The VIP Beer Bash is open to all Matthew Ebel dot net VIP or higher subscribers. If you’re on the list (or if you’d like to GET on the list before September), you can join the fun. Yes, there will be soft drinks for VIP’s under 21.

Get your tickets (or become a member) today at

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