I’ve Never Heard of You Either

This is a reblog-with-permission from fellow musician Rob Michael of the Atmos Trio. I thought it was perfectly in line with my previous post about other people lowering your expectations for you.

I’ve had people say to me, on a few occasions, “You play so great, why aren’t you Famous?” or “I’ve never heard of you, sorry the music thing didn’t work out.”

Since I was very young, my goal in life has been to make a comfortable living doing what I enjoy doing. I was never driven by Visions of Grandeur or being a Big Star. I just wanted to be a great musician and have the ability to support my family while doing that.

I have enjoyed the privilege of doing exactly that. In my view, things have worked-out exactly as planned-beyond my dreams really… I thank the Universe every single day and shake my head realizing that I’m actually pulling this whole thing off.

Whenever someone says “I’ve never heard of you.” I smile and say “That’s OK, I’ve never heard of you either.”

  • Anonymous

    Fame is phenomenally overrated. It’s far better to be small and doing what you love than huge and forced to appeal to a wider audience.

  • I’ll take 100% creative control over fame any day.

    Oh wait…I have…

  • I’ll take 100% creative control over fame any day.

    Oh wait…I have…

  • I’ve always been amused/ perplexed at the popular perception of what success is for a musician. 

    It was an attorney who first said to me, “I’ve never heard of you, too bad it didn’t work out…” I had already been paying my mortgage and supporting my family for over 10 years via my own music business. If a realtor, contractor or other professional did the same thing–they would likely be viewed as at least somewhat successful.

    …so I had to extend my condolences to the attorney–whom I had never heard of… too bad it didn’t work out…

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