Powdered Wigs in Paradise

Example by Matthew Ebel, Art by Genesis Whitmore

I have no idea what has happened in South America. Technically, it’s not even South America yet, but I’ve covered this before. Apparently I ordered a covert expedition to find gold or valuables in Spanish-controlled territory. I believe I’ve kept this from the local officials with the intent to gain His Majesty’s favor over the Governor. Either that or I’m just going to grow rich introducing coffee to the masses. Maybe both if I stick around here long enough.

Something happened, though, something I’ve only read about in books or seen in movies. They all disappeared or died, leaving only a pound of coffee and some letters from the sole survivor. My guess is they were poisoned by the locals and saw hallucinations. I hope they weren’t eaten.

I got this news after watching another man die today. This one was a pirate who had personally disrupted most of the shipping around here for the past year. I vaguely recall him targeting my company’s tea shipments almost exclusively. He nearly deprived the entire island of tea, perhaps intentionally. At least I have coffee, though, I prefer that anyway.

I’ve found over the last few paragraphs that I apparently know how to work a quill pen. Never picked one of these up before, at least not in the last couple thousand lives. Heck, I could never even figure out my grandfather’s fountain pen until I was a French patent clerk for a while. I can see why the Bic Round Stic became so popular, though, this business is not easy. What I wouldn’t give for an iMac right now. Perhaps,when I get back to New York, I’ll pick one up from the Apple Store. If I ever make it back to New York.

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