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The Lives of Dexter Peterson is an album/novella/comic project scheduled for release this year. It’s all about a boy from New York City who finds himself inexplicably jumping from one life to the next, as though someone were changing the channels of his life and he’s the star of every single show. Throughout it all he keeps track of his lives in a journal that, somehow, travels with him.

Who, What, and Where is Dexter Now?

Think about it… what would you do if you were suddenly somewhere else, someone else, somewhen else. You could be a different race or even a different species. What do you see? What’s happening around you? What skills do you suddenly have or languages do you suddenly speak fluently?

Submit your own journal entries, artwork, photos, video, or even phone it in to be considered for a free copy of The Lives of Dexter Peterson, both the album and the novella! Details are at

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