Entry by Adam Hoek. This entry needs artwork!

This entry, is a little different from my normal entries… Its different because I didn’t get to write down what happened in my latest ‘flash’ or ‘life’ before the one I’m in now. So what I am writing is strictly from memory here…

It all started out with a flash of light and a rumble unlike I’ve ever encountered in previous lives. I had that feeling that you get when you fall out of the top bunk whilst still asleep but before you hit the ground. A strange weightlessness, which seems fun, until you realize you are about to get really hurt. When I was young, that sequence of emotions would happen really fast. But in this life, it stretched out longer.

It turns out that there are far more emotions between fun and fear of death than one would expect. Where was I? Well, to tell you the truth, in the beginning I had no idea. It was just a mess of white and blue flashing by, I was quite confused to be perfectly honest.

As It turns out, I had become a droplet of water. I think the life started at the crack of a lightning bolt. Somehow, I was conscious. Maybe it had something to do with the lightning, maybe all water is sentient! I really don’t know. But one thing for sure, is that free falling is the most delightful and terrifying experiences I can imagine.

Seeing the ground rush towards you is the scary part. I was hoping I would transfer to another life before I hit the ground and as I got closer I became more and more afraid. Hitting the ground was quite an experience. I broke up into smaller droplets and for a short moment I was aware of being in multiple places at once. Eventually It all went black as I seeped into the earth.

This is where it gets really crazy though. I became the sea. What I once was, must have somehow gathered into the ocean. It makes sense, that’s what happens to most water at some point anyway. All I can say, is that there really isn’t any way to describe being the ocean. Feeling every part of land beneath you, feeling every fish, every boat and even feeling the vibrations of sound coming from whales and dolphins. Amazing.

Either that really happened, or someone slipped me something in this life that I’m in now, I’m off to investigate.

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