Unintended Consequences

Entry by Robbert Moore. This entry needs artwork!

My name is Dexter Jared Peterson. I am 26 years old and I live in New York City. In the last seven years I have lived as 11,577 different people.

It’s black….a big black room, no lights, no windows, nothing, a small bed, or i think it is. looking around I’m not sure where i am this time, kinda feels empty. after calling out to find someone for i swear, like 20 minutes straight i gave up, I’m in a big empty black room.

After about three hours or maybe longer its hard to tell how much time i spent alone in that big black room a door opened up somewhere in front of me there was finally a voice, “Sargent its time you got released but there is a catch” at this point i try to respond my throat hurts trying to, I need something to drink.

“The price is your joining the imperial army, your gonna be a marine again, but this time were going to have you on a tight leash after the terrinus incident” of course there’s always a catch the date is the year 52 thousand in the year of the emperor inceridous (what ever that means) the time 15:00 after two hours of my release and 100 pages of paperwork at least, i was put in this HUGE set of armour.

This is too unreal this computer was telling me everything as they weld me. there’s a war, with a massive alien but scary thing is, its our own fault,i found out they were small innocent little creatures, but they had a huge resistance to pain, so the government (which ever was present at that time) decided to modify them, and use them as soldiers, thing is they were all to willing.

they attacked us instead of the enemy, and in the end started a full world take over, eventually bio modifying (what ever that means) all our ships, turning them into things they could use, taking over our worlds one, by one, by one. i later found out they developed the armour, so the enemy, couldn’t assimilate me into there ranks, scary thing about it is……im there first test subject. so after about maybe twenty minutes in the training grounds i find out i already know all the weaponry and i know the suit….this guy came up with the idea, hes gotta be crazy, they put me in the barracks and after my first day a voice chimes in my head, like it was there all along

“the plan worked, i cant believe it worked…..” the voice…. i know that voice i mumble her name” Alexandria, what happened?” she laughs” you cant remember can you, alot to remember i guess, we planned it all the attack on terrinus, you going to jail, and the acquiring of the prototype marine armour, now you play along for a little while, and don’t get killed, well need you when we can get those tools to get you out, or at least scan it, then well be able to take down the imperium, AND stop the dammed shifters, from taking anymore of our home” a click she was gone…..who is she this time i wonder, as i drift off to sleep

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