Logistical Overdrive Time

My annual VIP Beer Bash is coming up in about two weeks and I’m slowly going into logistical overload. The first year, maybe eight people showed up. Last year it was closer to twelve. This year I’m expecting two dozen or better VIP fans at my house and that’s a lot of mouths to feed for one indie rocker.

Fortunately my fans (you guys) are pretty easygoing and aren’t expecting pony rides and a Tilt-A-Whirl. Well, the pony rides might actually happen, but that’s a little secret I’m not sharing. Except I just did. Dammit, birdbrain…

Anyway, if it seems like I’m a little less communicative than I have been in the past it’s because I’m planning the big event AND putting together the annual VIP Goodie Bags AND continuing work on my next album, The Lives of Dexter Peterson. With any luck, it’ll all be over soon and I can spend more time talking with you!

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