Photos from the 2011 VIP Beer Bash

The Beer Bash was absolutely awesome this year. More than twice the crowd of last year’s VIP’s showed up for 2011 and yet, somehow, we managed to feed and en-beer-inate all of them properly. Some of them came from as far away as Washington state, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas. One even came all the way from Nashua (on foot, no less).

I took a bunch of photos (one of these is my Dad’s, actually), mostly from the brewery tour before the actual party…

If you’ve got photos from the Beer Bash, please share them! If you’re the Flickr type, you can actually put them right on the website via the Matthew Ebel Fans pool.

Runtt and I also did a very low-key streaming concert with the VIP’s as our studio audience. Taking requests from the crowd, from the chat room, and from the voices in our heads was a fun time. Afterwards I had my annual Town Hall Meeting chat with them. I do this every year since my VIP’s are effectively my board of directors. I want to tell them my plan for the next year and get some feedback from them as to what they WANT from me for the next year.

Fortunately, they’re the conversational type. We had a great chat about what worked so far, what doesn’t work, and what they as subscribers really care about. I really don’t know how next year will unfold, but there will be beer and partying at the end of it!

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