Down Periscope

It’s time for me to disappear. I’m so steenking close to finishing my next album, The Lives of Dexter Peterson, that I might go insane if it ain’t done soon. Rather than risk a padded apartment, I’m locking myself into the studio with a pile of fish and central coffee piped in. I won’t be blogging much, tweeting much, or seeing much sunlight until I have a disc ready to send for mastering. BUT I’LL STILL BE HERE.

In the mean time, PLEASE help me out by spreading the word about the upcoming album. If you’ve got friends that haven’t heard my music yet, burn ’em a CD of your favorites and pass it around. One thing I really want to do (since the album’s also paired with a novella and comic) is play comic, sci-fi, and anime conventions once I come up for air again.

If you attend any of these kinds of cons, PLEASE drop the programming people a line and point them to

I’ll see you on the other side!

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