Matthew Ebel dot net Now Takes Google Checkout

It’s amazing what the letter S can do to technology. No, this is not a post about the iPhone 4s or the Nintendo DS or even a mythical iPad 2s (and now I watch as SEO nerds’ heads explode). No, this is something more traditional that I recently added to Matthew Ebel dot net: a single letter.

Now With More S Yup, I finally migrated Matthew Ebel dot net to its own server and bought it an SSL Certificate for Christmas. I really should have done this from day one since I’m hosting a site that involves usernames and passwords, but I honestly didn’t know how long it would last. If you’re not familiar with secure vs. unsecured websites, here’s the practical upshot of what I’ve done:

Granted, some might say I’ve traded one evil (Paypal) for another (the Goog), but they’re just wrong. I haven’t traded anything, I’ve added an evil. Paypal users won’t have to change anything unless they want to. I do hope to add more payment services in the future, but for now these are the big two. Anyone on the internet knows about Paypal and anyone with an Android phone or tablet has a Google Wallet if they’re buying apps. I’m not ready to start taking credit cards directly yet (or ski down the mountain of legal paperwork that would be involved with that), but that’s the ultimate goal.

Along with the website change comes the usual caveat: If something seems broken, it’s probably my fault. I can’t foresee all the bugs that come from moving to a new server, so if you’re a Matthew Ebel dot net member and you find something’s acting funny, please let me know!

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