I Know You’re There – Live at FC 2012

I Know You’re There – Live at FC 2012

Further Confusion 2011

Photo by foxgrrl via Flickr

This month I played what I believe is only my third west-coast concert after leaving the Christian Music scene…  The folks at Further Confusion not only invited me to play their awesome convention, they made me one of this year’s Guests of Honor.  How cool is that?  It was a truly rad experience, despite the usual first-year-in-a-new-hotel troubles.  The people out in San Jose welcomed us with open arms, paws, wings, whatever.

If you want to hear the entire concert recording, of course, you’ll need to head to Matthew Ebel dot net and log in.  Members will be able to download the recording for a couple of months, so grab it now before it disappears into the Archive.

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