New Album Preorders Now Available!

It is with much excitement, relief, catharsis, and other big, tasty adjectives that I finally announce the completion of The Lives of Dexter Peterson, the album. I’ve spent upwards of a full year working on this and I’m finally ready to start taking preorders with a release date anticipated sometime within the month.

The recording, mixing, and mastering are already done, at this point al that remains are the artwork and duplication. After that I’ll be shipping out discs like AOL in the 90’s. Hopefully these things will be a bit more welcome than they were.

Two Flavors of Preorder

Autographed CD Packages

This time around I’m trying a couple of different approaches, one for those ready to buy now and one for those who want to wait for the official launch date. I’ve listed a variety of preorder packages at which range from a full-quality album download to a concert for your friends in your backyard. No, seriously. I don’t know if anyone will go for that level of sponsorship, but hey… it couldn’t hurt to lay it out there, right? Most of the packages in between are just annual subscriptions to Matthew Ebel dot net. After all, everyone who’s paid for an All-Access or higher membership has already pre-ordered the new album in some form or another.

Preorder Now


And then there’s Chartbombing: Sign up now, put no money down, and just wait for the official release date. When the time comes, I’ll drop you a line via email or SMS to go buy a specific track (or the whole album). With any luck, enough people will chip in that I’ll make it into the iTunes and Amazon daily charts… sort of a self-sustaining bit of publicity since a lot of people skim the charts for new music.

Many moons ago a couple of bands tried something similar called “Bum Rush The Charts”, but this one’s taking place as an official release date event and, hopefully, will work better now that people can buy music from their phones, tablets, cars, refrigerators, etc. And hey, even if you pre-order the album now, it’d be all kinds of awesome if you pitched in 99¢ for the Chartbombing effort later!

Chartbomb It!

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