Sex, Drugs, and… Comic Books?

I rarely post stories about drug dealers- something of an occupational hazard if you play bars -but this one caught my eye.  Apparently giant SUV’s with gold rims and an all-bass sound system aren’t enough for some dealers…

Aaron Castro of Commerce City, Colo., was one of the leaders of a 41-person methamphetamine ring, which federal authorities said brought massive quantities of the drug into Colorado from Phoenix. He also apparently had a huge passion for comic books – he used his earnings to buy 18,753 of them.

The L.A. Times

After all, who wants a giant BMW when you can dream about rocket ships and superheroines in wholly impractical attire?  They say he used the comics to launder money, but somehow I think deep down beneath the sinister drug kingpin exterior there was a burgeoning +1 nerd clawing his way out.

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