Music From “The Lives of Dexter Peterson” Featured on KoPoint

Never heard of Kopoint? That’s because it’s a brand new media empire from the Empire State. Run by veteran journalist, new media enthusiast, and friend Dan Patterson, the KoPoint feed covers everything from news to comics to… minecraft? Sure, why not?

If you’re the podcast-listening type, I strongly recommend checking out KoPoint– especially while it’s still young. It’s like the first few seasons of Star Trek TNG- they’re obviously still trying to define the vibe of the show, but you can tell it’s going to be something worth tuning into. With Dan’s experience from the U.N. and ABC Radio, this is definitely more than just another indie podcast.

The entire KoPoint network is using tracks like I Met A Girl and A Million Miles Away as the intro/outro themes, though that’s likely just the beginning. Take a listen at and let Dan know what you think!

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