Chartbombing Day: Wednesday, April 25

The Lives of Dexter Peterson The date has been set, the battlefield is ready… it’s time to storm the gates of the iTunes and Amazon Top Ten charts.

Please join me on Wednesday, April 25 as we try and break into territory normally controlled by the major labels’ massive promotional budgets. It’s a simple plan: If everyone buys the same single track, I Wish I Were, on the same day, we might push that song into the Daily Top Ten charts. Those charts have a tendency to promote themselves, so this could become a self sustaining achievement. All it will take is 99¢ and your help recruiting your friends!

That evening we’ll be celebrating with my first ever YouTube Live concert at 7pm Eastern US time. The show will be broadcast right here on my website as well as on YouTube and Google+, so hopefully you’ll tune in!

Take a listen to the track we’re going to launch: I Wish I Were

And join the effort today at

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