Dexter Peterson Webcomic Update

You may have noticed that the ongoing graphic novel version of The Lives of Dexter Peterson has taken a bit of a hiatus. Not to worry, we haven’t lost the pages or anything… our intrepid art-hero Genesis Whitmore has suffered a few setbacks both technical and biological.

Rumor has it that her old Packard Bell Multimedia D160 achieved consciousness- as all D160’s were programmed to do in the unlikely event that they still functioned after twenty years of service. She and Uriel actually had to lock the machine in their rec room and flood the house with diphenhydramine-fluorinert to put it to sleep. They sent in Feep with a haz-mat suit to verify the computer’s dormant state before dismantling it and sending it to MIT for further study.

On top of that, she caught a wicked cold that’s been making updates impossible.

So we here at Matthew Ebel Entertainment wish her a speedy recovery and thank you for your patience while she decontaminates her working space.

  • Austin Wolfclaw

    I think you can upgrade the parts of a P-Bell D160….EVERYTHING inside. The mobo, CPU…EVERYTHING….But you wouldnt know that cuz you use a MAC….. BTW Packard Bell is still around….just not in the US 🙂 i’ll iChat with you later about iMusic and other iStuff! PENNY ARCADE eXPO—–errrr Pax! ~Austin Wolfclaw

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