Put Your Artwork On My Next Album

Best-Of Cover Placeholder If you’ve followed the voting results for the past month, you know I’ve been polling my fans to create a totally free “Best Of” album. Half of it will be decided by popular vote, the other half will be whatever I decide to put on there. With 8 full albums to choose from, this will be a lengthy disc!

Now I NEED YOUR HELP creating the artwork. We’ll start with the cover, but I’ll also need the on-disc, insert, and tray/spines done as well. The image here is just a placeholder to give you the the idea I’m shooting for. The final dimensions for the cover will be 1423 x 1411 pixels.

I want the whole thing to be flippable with a happy, utopian vibe for the “democratically elected” half and a more communist, iron-fisted-yet-still-lovable “unilaterally mandated” half. The rest of the artwork will be treated the same. Use whatever font or hand-drawn lettering you want for the text, just keep the placement and sizing as close to the mock-up as possible.

I’ll put any submissions up to a vote on the website once I get a few entries (and once I have the time to move further on this project). Since this is a free album, I can’t pay anyone for this, but I can promote the hell out of them once they’re selected.

If you’ve got something to submit, just post it in the comments section (yes, you can attach images!). Let me see what you’ve got!

  • Guest

    I hope you like one of these

    • I like BOTH of those! They’ll definitely go up for a vote later this month or in July, but I am impressed.  Sadly, you posted as a Guest, so I have no idea who you are! Just your email address.

  • And I gave it a shot. Had fun with it though which counts for something.

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