You Voted, Here Are The Results

Earlier this year I ran a series of polls to ask you what should go on my “Best Of” album. Boy, did you answer that call. Without further ado, here is the track listing for the soon-to-be-created Democratically Elected Best of Matthew Ebel:

Not to be completely cut out of the process, though, I decided to add my own side: The Unilaterally Mandated Best of Matthew Ebel. While I may agree with some of the decisions you guys came to, I wanted to cherry pick my own from the remaining pool of songs:

Yeah, I didn’t add my own pick from the Christmas album, but since there are only 5 actual SONGS on that album I didn’t want to give away the store, you know? Besides, most of the fun of that project was the adventure anyway, and that’s just difficult to translate into a “Best of” format.

Now comes the tricky part… album artwork. Expect voting sooooooon…

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