Everybody Needs A Ninja. No, Seriously.

I think we can clearly determine that Everybody Needs A Ninja is the most popular song I’ve ever written. Every week I’m alerted to new YouTube videos that have used the song (usually without bothering to credit me in any way). Not surprisingly, an overwhelming number of them are video game screencaps. I’ve started collecting as many as I can find into a single playlist, but honestly I gave up after nearly an hour of clicking “Add To Playlist”.

I’m sure more will come, but you can see the collection grow at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr94yr2BIVpvfkuIhihk3ZBE1_rmn7Fvc

The thing that absolutely slays me is that so many people would use a song and not even bother to tell others where to find it. I mean, buying a 99¢ track is easy enough these days, but just typing my name and web address? Obviously they thought the tune was awesome enough to use in their video, why not show people where it comes from?

Welcome to the internets.

  • Tarzan

    I did find you through a youtube video using the song everybody needs a ninja. Good times, had that song stuck in my head for a good week.

    • Probably one of the videos that actually credit me… amazing how that works! 🙂

  • Terry Mouse

    Man, that “lip sync test” was possibly the WORST.

    • Terry Mouse

      Also, is it just me, or are the vast majority of these videos done to FPS games?

  • Irony is a ninja song… being pirated.

  • Irony is a ninja song… being pirated.

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