And The Winning Design Is…

The Best of the Cover Art Wow. A lot of you voted this time around, I guess you all feel pretty passionate about your artwork. My artwork. Well, in this case, two people’s artwork which will be used to wrap around my artwork. Now I’ve just confused myself.

Anyhoo, behold, the winning album art design for The Democratically Elected Best of Matthew Ebel! Courtesy of Maria Priestley, this design took a narrow first place with 49 votes. I’ll be working with her and this design as I put together the first album I’d ever dare call my “Best of” collection. Stay tuned for the finished product!

In the mean time, here are the runners up… Taking second place with 48 votes, Steven Dougherty’s entry:

And another entry from Maria took third with 34 total votes:

  • Congrats to you Maria, was a really close one! 🙂

    • thanks Steven :)) ..yeah, so close! your design was great too

  • robert

    Nice and artistic work!

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