42 Years And Counting

That's No Instagram

That’s No Instagram, That’s Legit

42 is a good number.

Can you imagine waking up next to the same person every morning for 42 years?

Can you even imagine working for the same company for 42 years?

Or picture a startup company even lasting that long?

How about living in the same town?

Drinking the same brand of beer?

Could you drive the same car for 42 years?

Wear the same clothes, if they would last?

The same hair style?

Look around you.

How many things have you surrounded yourself with

that will last four decades and change?

42 years means 21 new iPhones

14 AppleCare warranties

nearly twice the lifespan of the Macintosh computer.

42 is a good number.

42 is a serious commitment,

the kind of commitment that says “I couldn’t live without you.”

Can you imagine waking up next to the same person for 42 years?

A commitment most of us wouldn’t dare make,

but I thank God that they did.

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