The High Orbit Holiday Special is Still About Christmas

The High Orbit Holiday Special It’s time once again for crass commercialism to overshadow a truly joyous religious event. Even though the very idea of jumping on the bandwagon makes me want to scream, I feel obligated to do it. Why? Because in space, no one can hear you scream anyway.

That being said, I also feel obligated to mention that a lot of people seem to really love this album. I won’t personally claim to have brought joy to the hearts of the masses with simple songs about holiday cheer and space sharks, so I’ll just let Prodo-1 take all the credit. I can promise, though, that if you buy the album you’ll definitely enjoy it. I’ve had more than a few people tell me it’s become a Christmas tradition in the last few years.

Move over, Vince Guaraldi, ’cause I gotta rock.

If you want to bring a little Christmas Sci-Fi joy into your home this year, please grab an MP3, Lossless, or round-plastic copy of The High Orbit Holiday Special at

  • I had my first re-listen of the year this weekend – still fantastic!

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