Downloadable Video Coming Soon!

I’ll be updating the Matthew Ebel dot com Store to include downloadable videos soon! So far the only inventory I’ve got are two FWA concert videos, one from 2010 and one from 2013, but as we shoot more performances I’ll put them up there!

People keep asking if I’m going to release another DVD. Seriously, why would I do that? It’s in standard def, which is so 2005. Besides, most of you have enough bandwidth to download high def concert footage and play it on your various devices anyway, so I’ve made an executive decision (you know, captain’s prerogative).

Of course, my Matthew Ebel dot net members will still get these downloads immediately as part of their All-Access or higher subscriptions. Everyone else will be able to buy them a la carte once the members get their copy. And, just like every other download from the Matthew Ebel dot com Store, there’s no DRM on any of this stuff.

As always, let me know what you think. And thanks again for your support!

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