Live at Anthrocon Video Event October 9

Matthew Ebel Live at Anthrocon

If you missed it, you won’t have to miss out.

This year’s Anthrocon performance was quite literally the best show I’ve ever played in my career. The robots were cooperative, Runtt and I didn’t miss a single cue, and the audience was badder than Leroy Brown fist-fighting with Michael Jackson in a steel cage.

My subscribers over at Matthew Ebel dot net already get to download and keep the full concert video, but on Wednesday October 9 at 7pm Eastern US time you can watch the entire thing LIVE via YouTube! We’re starting with a 30-minute AMA (or as us old-timers call it, a Q&A) before the show itself starts, so tune in and ask us anything!

Anthrocon’s A/V staff was kind enough to give me all four HD camera feeds including the steadicam, so the production on this is pretty killer. Combine that with the fact that, for the first time, I was able to bring twin shotgun mics and point them at the crowd. This is the best audience I’ve ever played for and you’ll see them dancing all night when you watch the video!

Tune into on Wednesday October 9 at 7pm Eastern (that’s 11pm UTC).


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