I Get To Do Cool Shit For A Living

Phase One of the Nerf Barricade steampunk conversion is complete: Main body colors changed from “please don’t shoot me, officer, this is a toy gun” to more subtle shades. The bright yellow became a hammered bronze look (which does that right out of the can… SCIENCE!). The orange parts became a more realistic gunmetal grey, and the trigger is a muted red- the same color as the valve wheels in the Coffee Bunker.

Once these colors are completely cured, I’ll begin taping off some of the smaller sections and painting some high-gloss metallic accents here and there. Not going to go berserk or anything, just enough to give it some shine on stage. I’ve got some spray-on black Tool Dip, too, so I’ll probably coat the grip and backstrap in that for better handling.

One of the coolest things about my job is that, when I decide to do a new, theatrical live show, I get to write Nerf guns off on my taxes.