Coming Back To Tennessee For The First Time in Five Years

It’s been five years and change since I moved out of the Music City and I’m finally heading back… sort of. While I’m not making a stop in Nashville any time soon, Runtt and I are playing a show in Chattanooga this January!

They recently put up a blurb on their own website (tangent: what is it with convention websites and Drupal? I think it comes with the Standard Issue Convenion Kit- one installation of Drupal, one questionably hygienic creeper in spandex, and one famous actor who secretly loves being swarmed by nerds with sharpies). You can read it right here, but the short version is this:

Come see Matthew Ebel and Runtt rock out in the south!

I’ve missed Tennessee and I’m so happy I finally have a chance to head back there. So grab your best Doctor Who costume, get your free album from me, and get registered for the weekend at

I’ll see you in January!

Matthew Ebel LIVE in Chattanooga

  • Daniel Rainey

    Might try to make it down there that day.

    • Awesome! I don’t know what day registration is, but you can always have fun all weekend. And it’s not even a furry con!

  • Daniel Rainey

    Might try to make it down there that day.

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