Riley Carbaugh: Animating The Revolution

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the three-minute concert intro being created by Canine Hybrid Creations is worth over four million words. And all of those words are “awesome”.

Riley, the brains, pen, and smile behind Canine Hybrid, is the closest thing to an indie musician you can get without the music: She’s energetic, professional, and boasts a considerable menu of creative output: design, character artwork, creature costumes, and animation to name a few, often hybridizing these art forms together to create unique projects for clients. She recently graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with a B.A. in Media Arts and Animation and is an award-winning creature costumer, which has been featured in events and competitions at various fan conventions around the USA.

The basic floor plan of my ship, the UTF Revolution

The basic floor plan of my ship, the UTF Revolution

Fans keep asking me, “why don’t you have any animated music videos? That’d be so cool!” Most people, including myself, really have no idea how much work goes into an animation worth talking about. Riley’s been toiling for months on the introduction to what I’m calling “The Copper Revolution”, and the work is still ongoing. First the characters had to be designed- something that was detailed and engaging, yet easy to move one frame at a time.

Then there’s set design, and a whole lot of questions I never had to answer as an all-audio guy. What does the UTF Revolution actually LOOK like? What about the insides, is there carpet? Does Captain Ebel leave laundry and beer bottles everywhere? What’s the floor plan?

It's a bird! Animation by Riley Carbaugh

It’s a bird! Animation by Riley Carbaugh

I think what drew me to Riley the most was the fact that she doesn’t just do one thing. As an indie musician, I don’t just do one thing either. I build the websites, I book the shows, I make the props and sets, I design the banners and promo materials, I brew the coffee AND the beer… She’s no different. The first real conversation we had convinced me of that. Her broad range of skills means she’s not only able to tackle different projects, she’s able to tackle any one project from different frames of mind. As a sculptor, I imagine she’ll have a better sense of how things should look when in motion. As a costumer, she’s already got great ideas about how Captain Ebel should be dressed.

In the coming weeks we’ll share more of the goods, but for now if you have any questions for either of us, just ask in the comments!

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