The Copper Revolution – Live at Arisia Now Available!

Our first show as an outer-space trio.

Our first show at Arisia, Boston’s biggest sci-fi convention.

Our first show with video cues, robot dialogue, and a bona-fide villain trying to take us down.

And now it’s yours! I’m hoping to get the HD video from Arisia, but that may take a while. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the debut recording… the ONE BIG GLITCH is that the audience recorder failed. You can still hear plenty of crowd noise through the various mics on stage, but I really wish you could hear how much fun the Arisia attendees were having. They were a really energetic bunch, and that ALWAYS makes a show better!

We had a hell of a great time in our hometown (even if we crashed into an alternate, steam-powered version of it). And judging from how many people joined the mailing list that weekend, the folks in the audience had as good a time as we did! I wish I could fit that many people into the Revolution and take them everywhere with us, but we can only carry so much cargo!

If You Want The Recording:

Like all my live concert recordings, this one’s available via Matthew Ebel dot net only! Any membership tier will get you the audio, even if you just sign up for one month. If you grabbed a coupon code at Arisia, now’s the time to use it!

Live at Arisia 2014 Now Available

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