Anyone Want A Cat?

UPDATE: Murphy now has a new home! Thanks to everyone who scoured their networks helping me find the right family to make him a part of. I’ll post a more detailed update later, but at this point my Adorable Fatball is happily weighing down someone else’s couch.

Anyone want the World’s Most Adorable Cat™?

In a couple of weeks I’ll be piloting the Revolution to the Allergen Planet (read: moving into a new apartment, one that unfortunately doesn’t allow pets). I’ve had Murphy for 11 years now and he’s healthy, chubby, and cuddly as hell. He’s never peed on anything or missed the litterbox unless he’s been locked in a room accidentally, he’s declawed in front, and he’s REALLY patient with toddlers and kids.

He’s on a Banfield wellness plan until October, if I recall correctly, and is current on all his shots and checkups and dentistry (yes, dentistry).

He also comes with his own robot friends… namely a feeding robot and a water fountain, so daily maintenance is minimal. He’s also got three litterboxes and a cat carrier if you want them.

It’s absolutely killing me that I have to find him a new home, but I don’t have a choice here. Yeah he’s getting old, but he’s the easiest cat I’ve ever dealt with and I know he’ll make you happy.

Message me or leave a comment if you think you can help me find him a home. Thank you!

Keyboard Cat

  • Kelly Ebel

    Now that is a cute picture!!!

    • Thanks! Um… want a cat? He’s cuter in person. 🙂

  • R Newfell

    I hope you found a way to keep him – pets get attached (like you are to him too I’m sure), and after 11 years together I hope you didn’t have to split up! Best of luck

    • Thanks! We did find a new home for him, finally… thanks for reminding me to update this post. I need to post a wrap-up article soon…

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