Matthew Ebel dot net is now Ziibra

I’ve been announcing this everywhere else, but it occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned it on my own blog yet. So here goes…

My old subscription site, Matthew Ebel dot net, has now been moved to a new platform! I’ve teamed up with Seattle-based Ziibra so I don’t have to wrestle with WordPress and a kludge of plugins any longer.

Since 2008 I’ve been running my own site, for better or worse, and building a stronger relationship with my super-fans. Rather than having to go through the constant cycle of making an album, crowdfunding an album, then trying to sell that album all while trying to book live shows, I’ve been relying HEAVILY on my subscribers to keep me creating month after month.

If you’d like to take a look at the new system, go check it out over at

A Subscription? What do you mean?

Do you love my music? Do you want to get more of it on a monthly basis? How about VIP parties and goodie bags and other cool stuff? The fact is that I’ve been giving out regular content for the last five years to a super-elite band of ultra-fans. Imagine over 60 hours of live concert recordings- some of them even in HD video -and that’s just the start.

In this world where songs seem to have less value than the viral videos people make to promote them, this is your opportunity to actually support the creator, not just the creation. For as little as $5 a month you can follow me on a virtual tour as we play one geek convention after another, recording every show along the way.

How do I get involved?

All it takes is a credit/debit card and a love of good music. There are a few different ranks available- from Crew Members who get just the live recordings to the Entourage who get all the goodies I can muster -and it’s all spelled out over at

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