Slap Me On Vinyl And Call Me Captain

I had an awesome time in Seattle last Friday night! Tiny Ninja Café (now called the Stone Way Café, apparently) is a beautiful place with the most amazing backdrop I’ve ever performed in front of. The people that filled the Café were a hell of a lot of fun to play for, and now some of them are backing High Orbit Saves The Pandas!

In fact, they backed the project so heavily that we made it to Phase Four!

That’s right, we’re pressing 7″ singles once we have the whole works mastered. I can’t tell you how excited this makes me, but I will try. I am very excited. There. I mean, it’s a whole new medium with a whole new sound. Along with the fact that this adventure will be produced in a far, far more professional manner than any album I’ve done previously, now I get to hear what these songs sound like in rich turntable quality. For a creator, there are few joys like seeing your works go places you’ve never gone before.

If we make it to Phase Five, we’re filling an entire 44-minute LP. But we’re only going to make it there if you help spread the word and kick this album in the ass! So please point your friends to and let’s see if we can put the whole adventure on a big, big disc!


  • Shelly

    I thought this picture was odd when I first saw it…then I realized it’s because you’re sitting. It’s the first time I’ve seen you playing the keyboard and NOT standing! *grin*

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