New Album Update – The Boxes are OUT

So for the last week now, my living room has been something like this. CD’s, envelopes, boxes, art books, lens flare generators, water bottles, shirts, MORE shirts… I’ve managed to get all the pre-order stuff out the door without going insane! I just wish I could’ve actually cloned myself, would’ve gotten it all done in a day.

So what about those folks that DIDN’T pre-order the new album? Well, unfortunately, it’s now too late to get stuff like the Personalized Shirts and autographed CD’s. However, you can still pre-order the album itself before its official release at the end of the month, and you’ll get an immediate download of one of the new tracks too!

In fact, here’s a taste of the new album right now (warning: may contain adult language):

So while my awesome Kickstarter backers and Officer’s Club members wait for their goodie bags and boxes, you don’t have to be left out!

Pre-order the new album, “High Orbit Saves The Pandas”, over at Bandcamp now!
  • Oh do tell me you have (or plan to) play this as an opening band. You’d have to open for someone with a really good drummer though, otherwise that intro could lead to embarrassment for your hosts.

    • Well if I ever get the chance, you bet your ass we’re leading with this one. 😉

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