On the Cover of Proud Times Magazine

Proud Times Magazine - Issue 11 Cover Spokane’s Proud Times, an LGBT-focused culture magazine, recently interviewed me about music, life, sexuality, and outer space. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever been really open about my sexuality in a media interview, though most of the focus was on music, life in Spokane, and growing up as a geek. The entire magazine, with interview by Dean Ellerbusch, is available online. Here are a few choice moments though…

On Mixing Sci-Fi and Music

It took me literally until 2012 to figure out that one of the big loves of my life (sci-fi, fantasy, escapist reality) could be crossed over with the other big love in my life (music). …But once I started thinking about it, it just made sense. And to my knowledge, nobody was really doing anything like that— except maybe the Aquabats.

On Artistic Freedom

…one of the major reasons I got out of the Christian music business had nothing to do with religion or sexuality. It had to do with the fact that every single song and every single album for the rest of my career was going to have to be about the same topic… Even though I really like the sci-fi vibe, I’m not just going to write about robots…I can’t limit myself to one narrow area when life is so much bigger than any of that…

So my songs– while they might not be the sci-fi genre –I choose to express them in those terms…because it’s just another aspect of who I am and what I’m into.

On Religion and Sexuality

One of the things that helps me reconcile Christianity and my bisexuality was one of the classes that I took at Whitworth, actually… When you understand that these texts…began as oral tradition passed down by spoken word, and then became written Hebrew which has neither punctuation nor spaces nor vowels. You’re basically trying to interpret the Old Testament, if the Old Testament was written in ‘license plate.’… Most of the Gospels were really just based on the Gospel of Mark which was written years and years after Christ’s death.

Now, think about this, the Constitution of the United States of America was written in English, on paper, by people that we can trace their lineage, they took notes, we know exactly what happened to go into that document… The original document is still on display. And we still don’t know what they mean by ‘a well regulated militia.’

What it all comes down to is… Christ says, ‘you have to come to him like a little child.’ And little children don’t presume to know all the answers. They come wanting to learn.

My only real complaint is that none of the photos were credited and I was given permission to use those photos by some wonderful friends who do this for a living. So here’s a list of the folks whose photos they grabbed from my photo library:

And now, the attempt to embed the magazine right here before your very eyes. If this doesn’t display properly, just check out the interview online!

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