Introducing the Officer’s Club

I can’t do this alone.

Every captain needs a crew that’s backing him up and defending the ship against alien pirates, toxic space putty, and decaf. But a captain’s worst enemies aren’t evil intelligent beings, they’re frustration and obscurity. After all, this ain’t exactly Starfleet, I’m a small-time operator trying to punch big holes in the fabric of space. There are no managers or agents working for me after I’ve passed out in my quarters.

The only way I can make it is with your help.

If you’ve joined the Robot Army or bought an album, you’ve already taken the first step. But if this ship’s going to stay in space (and if I’m going to keep making music, performing at conventions, and writing books), I need YOU to get involved in the best way possible: The Officer’s Club.

Every month I send my Officers goodies like new tracks, live recordings, videos, and song sketches, but that’s only the beginning. Every year there’s an annual goodie bag with shirts, hats, glassware, signed CD’s, or whatever else I can cram into a box and kick out the airlock. All my concerts are followed by after-parties which are either members-only or free-for-members. Once a year we gather at my studio for the annual Beer Bash, hanging out and enjoying some food and drink that I brewed just for my Officers.

Support The Revolution

NASA-Cadet-Logo-1000x The entry-level starts at just $9 per month or $99 per year. That’s two fluffy drinks at Starbucks or… I don’t know, about a thousand cups of Dunkin’s shitty coffee. (There’s a reason DD powers the engines, not the captain). For the more ambitious, there are a couple of higher tiers as well with even better perks. But at the end of the galactic-standard 25-hour rotation, here’s what it all comes down to:

NASA-Officer-Logo-1000x If you like my music and want more to happen, I need your support. I promise I’ll do my best to keep making the music you fell in love with, and maybe even something you never expected. This isn’t the 90’s, this is how the modern music business works. Playing clubs and doing road trips are how musicians go broke, support from fans like you are how we survive.

Officers like you are how we take over the galaxy.

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