I Want To See YOU At Anthrocon 2015

Packed Crowd Fellow prisoners, Robot Army members, Officers, aliens, and sentient clouds… we are putting on a bigass concert at Anthrocon next month. We’re even going to be playing ALL of the songs from the new album, High Orbit Saves The Pandas!

Remember that show we did two years ago? The one with, like, 800 people dancing and singing and looking fluffy and adorable all at the same time? Yup, we’re doing it all over again, only this year we’ve got a bigger, more theatrical show planned: Live at Fortran Prison. I’ve been posting a few live recordings from the new show over the past few weeks, but it’s always better in person (especially since the Robot Warden keeps changing his demands on us…)

I need your help, though. Here are your missions…

Mission #1: Show Up & Shake It

T-Shirt Toss We’re booked in the Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom which seats about 1,600 people. Yeah… as awesome as 800 people were last time, that’s only half the capacity of that room. One of the big secrets to a really good show is the energy of a really good crowd. I’ve played for 12 and I’ve played for 1,200 before, and I’ve learned that humans are like a nuclear reactor of live energy. The more alive the room is, the better the concert is from both sides of the stage.

Also, we’re going to be filming this concert again, so we want to make it look and sound as good as possible when this gets posted to YouTube. I’m not saying you have to dance in fursuit or anything, but at least have a few cups of coffee before joining the inevitable conga line.

If you’re worried about being blinded by the lights or deafened by the sound, you can always wear earplugs and blast goggles. I’ve done that at plenty of shows before, and thanks to the steampunk crowd there are plenty of stylish options.

Mission #2: Learn The Callbacks

Live at FWA 2015 I know, this ain’t the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have as much fun anyway. Also it doesn’t mean you can’t show up dressed like Frank-N-Furter, ’cause that would be all kinds of awesome.

Like I said, we’re filming this concert and I hope to turn it into a real live album (mixed by a real engineer too). With enough of you in the crowd singing along, chanting, shouting, mooing, etc., it’ll sound amazing. So if you want a super-secret heads-up on what songs we’re gonna play and what we’re gonna ask the audience to do, go grab a copy of our set list right now.

Mission #3: Wear All Red

LEO_9125_DxOIf you’re planning to be in the front row and you’ve got all red clothing to wear, do it! Fortran Prison’s jumpsuits are all red, and we’ll be wearing those on stage. If you’re super-dedicated and want to go the extra mile, here’s where the prison gets their gear: http://amzn.to/1SsKnLD

So mark your calendars now for Saturday, July 11, 4pm on the Main Stage and help us make this concert our biggest, baddest, best ever!

(Oh, and if you don’t remember the show we did last time, here’s the entire concert to refresh your memory…)

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