Thank You, Anthrocon


I’ve had a full week to recover from Anthrocon, so I should probably tell you how awesome it was. To be honest, though, I didn’t see much of Anthrocon… what I took part in was a multi-day music fest with short bouts of costuming and drinking. This year seems to be the emergent year for some great musicians in this fandom, given when I’ve experienced from FA United to now. Aside from getting to hang out with some awesome people I don’t see too often (this means you, Wulf), I got to collaborate with some top-shelf talent.

AC2015 Bandthro Selfie Friday was the first multi-show experience with the angel-voiced Amadhia followed by the bite-sized Fox Amoore. The finale for the evening was the big collaboration, though, called Bandthro! Myself, Runtt, Amadhia, Foxamoore, Pepper Coyote, Rhubarb, Cosmik, Teddy Wynton, Stephen Cumberworth, a bottle of whiskey, and Guinness. It was a wild ride. We held one hasty rehearsal the night before, but all of these performers are the type who can jump into an impromptu set like this and still put on a good show, whether or not they know the material. I haven’t had that kind of experience since I left Nashville.

My Show

On Stage at Anthrocon 2015 Of course, Saturday was a blur for me. It always is. Keith, Freezeframe, and the amazing A/V crew took excellent care of us from noon until the show was done. Seriously, nothing makes us look or sound as good as this tech crew. If I ever win the lottery, I’m bringing them on tour. While I’m going through the usual anxiety of “will people show up?” and “will I stay on key?”, they take all the logistical stresses off. And, for the record, people did in fact show up. And they were LOUD. If you’re one of the hundreds of people that came to see Live at Fortran Prison, thank you for your energy and participation! Runtt and I had an absolute blast and it’s entirely because you folks brought the party.

I was also joined on stage by the talented Foxamoore and Pepper Coyote on melodica and harmonies for This Song Will Have To Suffice. There’s something wonderful about getting to work with these folks on stages all over the country. Maybe someday it’ll be all over the world.

AC2015 After-Party Well, then there’s the OTHER party. Like every show I play, there’s an after-party for my Officer’s Club and a limited number of guests. I’m always amazed by the diversity of the crowd that comes to my hotel room after these shows. The ages range from 21 to mid-60’s; the genders run the entire gradient; there are truckers, techies, military, and musicians. And nearly all of them appreciate good beer (I’m looking at YOU Pepper…, I can still taste that orange crap in the paper bag). We had a ton of fun and it was the perfect way to relax after pouring it all out on stage.

Pepper Coyote at AC2015 Sunday morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a substantial turnout for Pepper Coyote’s show. Who’d have thought that music at 11 a.m. on a Sunday at a con would be a good time slot? Apparently it was his best turnout yet, and hopefully just the beginning. If you ever have the chance to see Pepper perform, do it. The recordings do not convey just how entertaining this guy can be with just a looping pedal, mic, and guitar. He’s raising the bar for con performances and I’m thrilled to see more people discovering him at each show.

Your Mission

Now I need your help in the aftermath of the biggest con we play all year. Time to give feedback!

  1. Head to
  2. AC2015 Survey Q1 On page 2 under Why did you attend Anthrocon?, make sure you check “Concerts”
  3. Under What events did you attend? feel free to check “Bandthro!” if you wanna see more collaborations between all of us musicians on the main stage.
  4. Finally, under the Help us improve sections, make sure you mention that my show was one of the things you liked about AC this year. If you’d like to see me in a better time slot, be sure to mention that too. Saturday afternoon’s been good to us, but Friday night would be a thousand times better!
    AC2015 Survey Q2

With any luck, I’ll end up in a better time slot so the 600 people in the dealer room can actually attend one of my shows. And won’t be scheduled up against a fursuit dance event- pretty much the trump card of scheduling at furry cons. I know scheduling is a voodoo that’s more difficult than doing your own taxes, but hopefully we can make the voodoo work in our favor for next year!

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