HOSTP Art: “Respectable Mr. Wah” by B. Pavlica

Respectable Mr. Wah

A mostly-starving starship captain needs wealthy patrons to survive, and we were lucky enough to host a vinyl tycoon on his way back to earth. Yeah, you read that correctly, a vinyl tycoon. I don’t pretend to know what the music industry is doing, but I’ll be happy to take their money if they need a ride. Fortunately, our Wah friend seemed to enjoy his stay aboard the UTF Revolution despite the time travel, terrible jokes, and raging hangover.

Oh yeah, and Prodo-2 was there too. But… we’re trying not to focus on that.

This piece is one of the works that’s available in the official HOSTP Art Book, along with photos from the studio, lyric workbook scans, and more. Also, of course, some kickass music and a crazy outer-space adventure!

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Art by B. Pavlica

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