The Future of The Officer’s Club

It’s been a long seven years.

Matthew Ebel dot net Half-Face

Way back in 2008 I got fed up with soaring gas prices, terrible venue options for geeky musicians, and the constant PR cycle that comes with releasing new stuff. I dreamed of a way to simply make things and send them to fans who already love what I do. Then, with a little help from Geoff Smith I created a little subscription site called Matthew Ebel dot net.

The goal was to enlist enough subscribers to keep my rent paid while I did nothing but release new music and play shows wherever possible. I know now that’s quite an ambitious goal, but at the time there was no precedent. Patreon wouldn’t be a thing for another five years. Hell, even Kickstarter hadn’t been born yet.

Seven years later and I’ve been interviewed by everyone from Martin Atkins to WBUR in Boston about the subscription thing. Who knew this little idea would get noticed?

But now it’s time for a new chapter. My current host, Ziibra, is closing its marketplace doors soon and I need to reconstruct the Officer’s Club from the ground up. Should it be another DIY kludge like the original Matthew Ebel dot net? Or how about jumping on everyone’s favorite new bandwagon, Patreon?

Make Your Voice Heard

I’ll be hosting a live video chat session this Thursday at 2pm at If you’d like to weigh in and help steer this ship in the right direction, come hang out and chat with me then!

  • Patreon!

    • Yeah, that’s currently the #1 option. But it will involve a major restructuring of how I do things.

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