Join me for the annual Beer Bash!

Next weekend is my annual Beer Bash, held at my place in Waltham, MA. Man, I can’t believe this is the seventh annual shindig. In a week of years, I’ve learned so much and been able to DO so much thanks to my supporters, subscribers, and friends.

Normally, this event is limited only to my VIP’s, my Officers, or whatever they’re about to become next… but now that we’re being forced to ditch one service and head to Patreon, it’s currently impossible for new officers to sign up and join the party.

So I’ll tell you what… If you can make it to Waltham, MA next Saturday, September 26 and want to join us, email me and let me know. We’ve got limited space at this place, so I’m going to have to cap it after a certain point, but I don’t want the technological powers-that-be to keep anyone from coming.

We’re making Aaron’s legendary sous vide ribs, brewing some beer, and enjoying the dwindling summer weather all day long. I hope to see you there!


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