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It’s time to step things up. I’ve been chewing my nails down to stubs for the past couple weeks as I prepare to move the Officer’s Club to Patreon. Well, the page is officially LIVE now, and folks are already jumping on board. Now it’s time to see what kinds of awesome things we can make together.

This is a giant leap in a new direction for me… but at the same time, I’m still doing the stuff I love to do. And the stuff that, hopefully, YOU love for me to do. That Patreon lets me set milestone goals and only charges you when I’ve released something are some pretty cool concepts and I can’t wait to see how this shapes my future.

I’m still going to be doing cool things like the annual Beer Bash (which is in two days), live concert recordings, and the like, but with this new evolution of the Officer’s Club, I’ll be able to go in directions I haven’t explored in years. Will you go with me?

Sign up at www.matthewebel.com/officers and let’s see where the possibilities take us.

  • Hey Matthew – psyched to see that you’re getting rolling on Patreon! Love the platform and I’m excited to see where it goes (plus I’m now an Armchair Revolutionary there, which is cool).

    I wondered whether you might have a minute to say something here about Patreon vs. a roll-your-own, self-hosted-and-managed paid membership community, since you’ve now done both. What advantage do you feel like Patreon has over doing it yourself.

    I’m a singer/songwriter choosing right now between those two options, and would love to hear what you have to say about that, if anything. Of course, if that’s a subject you’d rather not address, I get it and that’s cool.

    Thanks! ~ Mike B.

    • Hey, thanks!

      The whole reason I went with Ziibra, and now Patreon, is because a roll-your-own multi-tier solution was just becoming too much for me to manage. I mean, I COULD keep the plugins and gateways running smoothly, but the time spent fixing WordPress and hunting down bugs was taking time away from making music.

      A lot of time.

      So maybe if you’re more of an IT nerd than I am, you can host a DIY solution and craft it to your exact needs, but I would much rather have someone else managing payments, security, and tech support so I don’t have to.


      • Great info, Matthew – thx so much for taking the time to write it down! I think I’m leaning more towards your perspective, and I’ll be re-launching my Patreon page as soon as I can get a decent video together…

        • Yeah, it sucks that the video is so important… but hey, I did mine with kindergarten art supplies and a single camera.

          • Excellent point. And that would save me from worrying about how to comb my hair…

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