Thanks for the Home Invasion!


Last Saturday was my 7th annual Beer Bash, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. Because of the transitional nature of the Officer’s Club right now, I decided to open it up as a general invite… and we pretty much filled the condo.

I’m always pretty anxious leading up to the Beer Bash, partly because I never know just how the event will unfold, and partly because we’ve always got a new beer on tap that I finally get to dive into. This year, Aaron and I made our first ever Czech Pilsener… and it turned out perfectly.

Beer Bash 2015

The ribs weren’t bad either. Sous vide cooked for 48 hours with a dry rub soaking in the whole time. I also made fresh pretzel rolls that morning and had a jar of homemade pickles on deck in the fridge. Honestly, the people that show up are only half the fun, the rest is in making a ton of awesome food.

Wanna Cook?

Dipping The Pretzels

Instead of touring a local brewery like we did for the first 5 years, we made another beer during the party. This year we went for one of our favorites, the Boom Chug-A-Lug American Pale Ale from Jasper’s up in Nashua. You know, maybe I should hold two beer bashes a year… one in late summer, and another six weeks later so we can actually drink the beer we made.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time, got to meet new people, I’m babysitting 5 gallons of fermenting wort, and another year has gone by without any major grill fires. I’d call this year’s Beer Bash a success.

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