The New Latté Days & Porter Nights

Beer & Coffee - Officer's Club Edition

Holy crap, Beer & Coffee is ten years old now? Damn.

I’ve been itching to re-visit this old album for a while now, especially now that I’ve learned a LOT about mixing my own records. Well thanks to my Officer’s Club, I’m now able to give this album the love it deserves. Well, almost… I still can’t afford to take the whole thing into a real studio and have Benny Grotto mix this sucker. Maybe we’ll do that for the 20th anniversary.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be releasing real-instrument versions of these songs one month at a time through my Officer’s Club. I’ve decided not to re-record any of the vocal parts, though. I think my voice reflects my particular place in life fairly accurately and changing that would fundamentally change the song.

That being said, adding Runtt’s drumming has fundamentally changed this song. It’s amazing. Most of Beer & Coffee featured my old friend Andrew Dickson on an electronic drum kit, but the original Latté Days & Porter Nights was mostly a looped bit of keyboard drumming. Seriously, you can hear the exact same fill before every chorus.

Not any more.

The Officer's Club

I really want to share this with you, but this kind of restoration work is only possible because of my Officer’s Club, so only those supporting me on Patreon will get to hear the new versions right away. If you want to be a part of this, please go sign up… If enough of you jump on board, a whole lot of even cooler stuff will happen. Check out the milestone goals we’re shooting for when you get there… we’re less than $100 away from the next one!

In the mean time, now I gotta figure out which track to tackle next…

  • Michael Broadwater

    I cannot believe this album is 10 years old. Played 8-bit viola at our wedding as the brides intro song (the bell ringing when the bride steps to the alter, priceless). Guess this dates both me and our marriage… Anyway, amazing work you did on this album and I appreciate the re-mastering. Yet, I am still moved at the original all these years later and this still ranks as one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. Music should move you. If it doesn’t hit skip and find something else… this album, from cover to cover (hidden tracks too) moves me. Every time. Listening to Tennessee Never Cried moves me as much today as then. The music is timeless. It is like your favorite movie that avoids all of the things that date it (cars, electronics, etc.)… it is the perfect mix of it works any day and works any time. It calls forth emotion that every one of us has, some just too afraid to accept. Your words, and your writing created the near perfect album (who really knows what perfect is). Re-mastering won’t make it perfect without your voice for sure yet, I understand, painfully, why your voice will be absent. I can say nothing but great things of your work. And will continue to support independent, heartfelt music. This album though… still amazing. Still fantastic. Still standing the test of time. Let’s hope the remaster stands the same test… and becomes something wonderful!

    • Well thanks a ton! 🙂 Wow… you guys marched to 8-bit Viola, of all things? There’s a song that doesn’t get a lot of love from people…

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