The First Officer-Only Webcast is TONIGHT at 6pm


I’ve been webcasting since 2007, back when UStream was still useful and nobody else was doing anything like it. Now we’re going to test something new… A PRIVATE stream just for certain ranks of my Officer’s Club. I have no idea how well this will work, but it should be an interesting experiment!

Anyhoo… once it’s rolling, the sky’s the limit. Bring your questions and be ready to chat for an hour- I’ll be paying attention to Twitter, YouTube, and my own chat rooms. Here are the details:

Of course, like I said, this will probably be a rough start as we figure out the technical side of things. So if you can’t get into the YouTube chat or the IRC/Web chat, follow me on Twitter as @matthewebel – And if you’re NOT a member of the Officer’s Club, you can still get access if you sign up before 6 tonight!

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