That’s It… I’m Getting Professional Help

I don’t normally do a hard-ask kind of message like this, but we’re so damn close I have to try.

You see, since I jumped on board with Patreon to host my Officer’s Club, I’ve been amazed at how much more I’ve been able to create on a monthly basis. Part of it is a broadening of my own horizons, part of it is the fact that we’ve got monthly milestone goals to reach.

I’ve decided that my next big goal will be getting professional help. No, I’m not seeing a shrink (though, if necessary, that could be a later goal). If we hit $800-per-Thing, I’ll send EVERY one of my new songs to Benny Grotto to be mixed professionally. This means no more time spent on mixing my own arrangements any more, and no more half-assed sounds that could have been better if only I’d studied sound engineering.

(Who’s Benny, you ask? He’s the amazing engineer that mixed High Orbit Saves The Pandas, as well as a lot of stuff for Amanda Palmer, Aerosmith, Ben Folds, etc.)


The best part? We’re less than $77 away from making it happen.

So what do I need from you? Simple… If you’re not already a member of my Officer’s Club, now’s the time to get on board. You can help with just $1-per-Thing, or more if you want to hear the new songs as they’re being cooked up. Also, audiobook chapters, exclusive webcasts, etc. We’re so close to making every new song sound professional-grade, will you push us over the edge?

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