Stop showing up for the beating.

The Beating Album Art

Just in time for Black Friday, it’s a song about mindless consumerism! Aren’t I the opportunist?

Actually, this one started as a song about not drinking shitty beer, but I couldn’t bring myself to write an entire song about JUST that. I mean, it’s a noble topic, but probably not worth more than an entire verse.

Stop Showing Up For The Beating

So what is “The Beating” anyway? It comes from an old Henry Rollins spoken-word bootleg. Ole Hank wonders what we’d be like as a nation (fuck it, as a species) if we stopped falling for the marketing bullshit that tries to tell us we’re being served quality when we’re really being fed trash.

That we’re being told the truth when 2 minutes on Google or makes it obvious we’re being lied to.

If you’ve been following my posts about trying to work on better two-man arrangements, this song is the first beneficiary of that effort. I took the initial sketch, brought it to its knees and re-worked it as just a piano/bass/synth and drum version, and made it sound killer. Then… well, I added the guitars back in. Why? ‘Cause they’re awesome, that’s why. BUT… the two-man version is still pretty damn good, so I mixed and mastered that as well, and you can tell ME which one you like better.

This one’s available on my album Cognitive Dissonance, but you can also hear it via SoundCloud!

  • Wayne H Charron Jr.

    I know this is old, but I’m still not sure how I feel about the “per thing” arrangement. Yes, I’d be willing to pay for things like new songs, but not necessarily for podcasts, for example. Just my personal opinion, I’m not trying to say that podcasts would never be worth it objectively. But that’s one of the main reasons I still haven’t gotten on board with your Patreon, which pains me to admit but I do like being honest. ^^;

    • Well if you’d rather just pay a single monthly sum for everything I release in a given month, you can still do that… I’m not limiting the people who have set monthly caps. So you could start out at $5-per-Thing and get all the digital goods, then decide in a few months if you’re getting too much or too little for what you’re contributing and change your pledge/cap. 🙂

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